Sort stock list in Stock Search version 3.30

Sort your stocks by price, gain/loss, volume and more in new version of Stock Search 3.3!

A new version of the Android Stock Search stock tracking app is available on the play store. You can now sort your stock lists by several different columns. Just tap…

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Fixing an exFAT partition on an external drive after converting an APFS partition (on the same drive) to HFS+

The initial goal and converting APFS to HFS+ I wanted to use Time machine for Mac OS backups for the first time. Time Machine backup does not currently work with…

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Android stock search app

Stock Search Android app version 3.2 now available

The Stock Search Android app version 3.2 is now available on the Google Play Store: Visit the Stock Search web site here: What’s new! – (NEW!) Market news…

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Stock Search v3.0

Stock Search Android app now shows charts!

Version 3.0 of my Android app, Stock Search, on the Play Store Version 3 of my Android app, Stock Search, is on the Google Play Store here: There are…

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